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Akila Bharatha Ayyappa Seva Sangam | Manikandan Khuzhu | LDC

  Akila Bharatha Ayyappa Seva Sangam  

The Akila Bharatha Ayyappa Seva Sangam is a service organisation registered under the Charitable Act. It started its activities 53 years ago with the primary object of serving the Ayyappa Devotees under taking the arduous journey to Sabarimala. In course of time, the activities of the Sangam had to be extended in scope and variety. It also strives at building up a well knit Society free from the evils of caste, creed or colour.
  ABAS Sangam

The propagation of 'Ayyappa Dharma' conducting religious classes establishing and, maintain schools, libraries and medical institutions etc. are other important activities. It also publishes regular magazine entitled 'Sree Ayyappan' in Malayalam and 'Om Sree Ayyappan' in Tamil.

During festival season the Sangam sets up special service camps at important centre's where the pilgrims congregate. Such as Erumeli, Azhutha, Inchipparakotta, Puthussery, Karimala, Valianavottom, Uppupara, Chengannor, Triveni, Pampa, Appachimedu, Sannidanam and Medical College Kottayam


Thousands of devoted and teamed volunteers carry on service duty at these camps every season, well organised medical units with ambulance van also are set-up at these camps to provide all kinds of treatment to the pilgrims. There is also well equipped hospital of the Sangham at Sannidhanam. In case of emergencies, like fire, flood, or other natural calamities the volunteers and medical service teams do their best to give relief to the pilgrims. The distribution of sterilised and medicated drinking water at the camps and all resting places had been acclaimed as very useful service to the pilgrims. Apart from the above, various other services such as providing
microphone announcements, Trunk dialling of telephone, financial aid to standard and separated pilgrims, cremation of the dead bodies, carry sick and disabled to hospitals, conducting bhajans and devotional speeches at camps etc., are also rendered by the Sangham. Annadhaman (free feeding) is undertaken at important camps. There is a special scheme for providing annadhanam by accepting fixed deposits at the State Bank of Travancore in the name of the devotee and using only the interest there on.

Official Address :

Akhila Bharatha Ayyappa Seva Sangham,
Fort, Thiruvananthapuram,
Kerala State, India. Pin Code - 695 023.
Telefax : +91-471-451296. Email


Telephone Numbers
Car Parking
Head Office - Trivandrum


  Manikandan Khuzhu   

This non-profit Sangham (organisation) was founded by Sri Sri Venkatesh Guruswamy of Coimbatore, India in early 1970s. He conducts regular pilgrimage to the Holy Shrine of Sabarimala nearly thrice every year. The Sangham has donated several cottages at Sabarimala, which it can recommend to pilgrims to stay while at the Sannidhanam. The Sangham performs Annadhanam regularly every year in a massive scale during the Makara Jothi festival at Pamba. The Sangham takes care of even the smallest detail to provide the pilgrim very comfortable and safe pilgrimage to the shrine. It ensures that all the devotees have darshan to hearts content.

We also note here that Sri Sri Venkatesh Guruswamy, aged around 59 years, was a key person in making of the new 'Golden Kavasam' for Lord Ayyappan of Sabarimala presented by LMW Group of Coimbatore to Devasom Board. He had the privilege of having a cloned vigraham of Ayyappan of Sabarimala at his home for nearly three months that was sent from devosom board to make the kavasam for the Lord.He was involved in many development activities in Sabarimala as well as on the route from Erumeli to Sannidhanam.

He, being a composed and self sustainded person, processes supernatural powers of reading ones mindand
future. But he is stronglyagainst exposing it to others or using the same for material gains. (Hence we discourage users of this site to contact him in the context of predictions). Almost all that he predicted for this close followers has come true. All his followers stand as an testimony of his powers. His experiences with the Lord are nerve chilling and innumerable. He visits Sabarimala almost every month and has even gone on Padayatra (walking) from Coimbatore to Sannidhanam

The members of the sangham operate a deposit scheme under which the interest accrued for the year is spent on free feeding for devotees of Lord Ayyappan on the way to from Erumeli to Sannidhanam every year.

Indeed it is a wonder to see Grahastha with the powers of a Sanyasi. God is great !

Official Address :

Shri G.Venkatesh
Manikandan Khuzhu,
No: 28, GRD Layout, RS-Puram,
Coimbatore 641 002 India
Tel: +91-9443363365



  Lord Dharmasastha Charities  

This non-profit Sangham (organisation) was founded by late Sri Sri Hariharasubramaniam Guruswamy of Chennai in mid '80s conducts regular pilgrimage to Sabarimala. The present Guruswamy of the sangham is Sri Sri Ravishankar. The Sangham has donated a cottage at Sabarimala, which it can recommend to pilgrims. The Sangham performs Annadhaman regularly every year in Chennai. The Sangham ensures the pilgrims have a comfortable and safe pilgrimage to the shrine.

It is worthy to note here that Sri Ravishankar is the main motivating force behind this sangham. The bhajans he writes and sings have charismatic powers pulling many persons to undertake the pilgrimage for the first time.

He has intuition powers along with sound knowledge of Astronumerology and Vasthu sastra. It is also his powers to name ones birth star on sight. He frequently flys overseas for Astro and Vasthu consultation. Among is followers are many from overseas.

He had the privilege of experiencing a miracle.One day

duringthe period of fasting the Sacred Ash (Vibhudhi) fell from Lord Ayyappan's picture for one full day at his residence.

Official Address :

Shri R. Ravishankar,
Lord Dharmasastha Charities,
91/3, Konnur High Road,
Ayanavaram, Chennai 600 023 India.
Tel: +91-9840033588


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